Earlier this morning Forbes author Joe McKendrick published an article which logically explained why businesses are transitioning to the cloud and why the cloud is the future of business throughout the world. One in four companies have adopted some type of cloud service. Within these companies, nearly 1/2 of them were building their own internal cloud in order to manage key areas within their business. The bottom line: cloud computing is here to stay.

There are many fortune 100 businesses transitioning to a cloud based structure. “Johnson & Johnson, a pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturer, recently said it intends to have 85% of its applications and systems in the public cloud within two years’ time.” Having 85% of its applications and systems in the public cloud allows Johnson & Johnson to reduce IT overhead while increasing storage, computing power, and elasticity.

According to a survey, “Gartner predicts that within the next three years, more than 30 percent of the 100 largest vendors’ new software investments will have shifted from cloud-first to cloud-only — thereby pushing any enterprise fence-sitters in the direction of cloud.” Whether you’re starting and new business or you’re looking to improve your current company, cloud computing is for you. 30% of the 100 largest vendors are now using a cloud-only approach – the benefits are immense and these vendors are prospering. Thanks to cloud computing there is absolutely not reason to have a physical server anymore – the cloud is more reliable, less expensive, faster, and more efficient.